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Saratoga Race CourseSaratoga Race CourseBack Stretch, Saratoga Race CourseA Horse Enjoys His Post Race BathCilla Gets a Pet at SaratogaOklahoma Training Track, Saratoga Springs, NYOklahoma Training Track, Saratoga Springs, NYBroadway in Saratoga on a Nice Spring EveningCars Zooming Down BroadwayNative Dancer at Night, Saratoga Springs, NYDowntown SaratogaSaratoga Pride Crosswalk and Congress Park CarouselBroadway, Saratoga Springs, NYPeerless & Governor SpringsCongress Park, Saratoga SpringsCongress Park, Saratoga Springs, NYCanfield Casino, Saratoga Springs, NYThe Stream in Congress ParkSpirit of Life at Dusk, Saratoga Springs, NYCongress Park at Night