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These are photos from my personal collection that I have taken in Cape Cod, MA.
Nauset Light in the RainCoast Guard Station in the Fog, Eastham, MAThumpertown Beach, Eastham, MAEastham Memorial Buoy TreeMilky Way Over First Encounter Beach, Eastham, Cape CodSalt Pond Visitors Center, Cape Cod National SeashoreBirds Fly Over Cape Cod Bay, First Encounter Beach, Eastham, Cape CodEastham WindmillNauset Light Beach, Eastham, Cape CodSalt Pond, Eastham, MANauset Light, Eastham, MAWellfleet, MA at SunsetSunrise at Fort Hill, Eastham, MAEarly Morning at Fort Hill, Eastham, MACoast Guard Station from Fort Hill, Cape CodThumpertown Beach, Eastham, MAThumpertown Beach, Eastham, MAFirst Encounter Beach, Eastham, MAFort Hill Sunrise, Eastham, MAThumpertown Beach, Eastham, MA