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I've always been fascinated by the Then & Now photos you see on the internet, where a person is holding an old photo up to the same scene today. After writing a series of then and now pictorials for the blog, I was thinking about a way to do combine then and now photos that's a little different than what I've already seen. What resulted was a project where I hold photos of the present against scenes of the past. It's interesting to look at a scene as if you were seeing the future from that moment. My hand is meant to be in the scene from the past, therefore I tinted or colored it for each photo to match the scene. Before creating the scenes, I photographed my hand against a white background (to make it easier to mask), and gathered public domain photos from WikiMedia Commons that were similar to photos I already had.
Central Park, New York CityArtist Point, Yellowstone National ParkMoulton BarnWorld Trade CenterSan FranciscoEiffel Tower, Exposition UniverselleArc de TriompheYaddo Gardens, Saratoga Springs, NYEiffel TowerYaddo Mansion, Saratoga Springs, NYPantages TheaterOpéra GarnierSnake River, Grand Teton National Park