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Congress Park Carousel, Saratoga SpringsColumbian Springs, Saratoga SpringsCanfield CasinoCongress Park at NightCongress Park from AboveCongress Spring, Saratoga SpringsHappy Snowman, Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, NYWar Memorial, Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, NYThe Stream in Congress ParkCongress SpringSpirit of Life at Dusk, Saratoga Springs, NYCongress Park, Saratoga SpringsBeautiful Blossoms in Congress ParkSelf Portrait:  Congress ParkCanfield Casino, Saratoga Springs, NY4th of July Fireworks, Congress ParkCongress Park, Saratoga SpringsCongress Park, Saratoga Springs, NYCongress Park from AboveCongress Park, Saratoga Springs, NY