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These are photos from my personal collection that I have taken in Glens Falls, NY.
A Beautiful Tree in Glens FallsFeeder Canal Trail, Glens Falls, NYGlen Street, Glens Falls, NYGlens Falls at TwilightCrandall Park, Glens FallsHyde Museum, Glens Falls, NYGazebo in Glens Falls City ParkA Snowy Scene in Crandall Park, Glens Falls, NYGlen Street at Dusk, Glens Falls, NYGlens Falls from AboveGlens Falls and Lake George, NY from AboveHaviland Cove, Glens Falls, NYGlens Falls Alley at DuskGlens Falls, NYGlens Falls at NightCrandall Public Library, Glens Falls, NYGlens FallsThe Clock on Glen Street, Glens Falls, NYA Winter Scene in Crandall Park, Glens Falls, NYCrandall Public Library