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These are photos from my personal collection that I have taken in Old Sturbridge Village and Stockbridge, MA.
Tinsmith, Old Sturbridge Village, MAGirl Admiring Sheep, Old Sutrbridge Village, MAKripalu Center, Stockbridge, MAGould Meadows, Stockbridge, MAStockbridge Bowl, Stockbridge, MAGeneral Store Owner, Old Sturbridge Village, MAA House in the Hills, Stockbridge, MANaumkeag Cottage, Stockbridge, MALooms, Old Sutrbridge Village, MALooking Down on the Stockbridge Bowl, Stockbridge, MACow, Old Sutrbridge Village, MANorman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MAHouse in the Hills, Stockbridge, MAPotter, Old Sutrbridge Village, MAStockbridge Bowl, Stockbridge, MANorman Rockwell's Studio, Stockbridge, MANorman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MAThe Stockbridge Bowl, Stockbridge, MANorman Rockwell's Studio, Stockbridge, MAFall in Stockbridge, MA