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Trolley Car, New OrleansSt. Louis Cathedral, New OrleansDecatur Street at Night, New Orleans.Spanish Moss, City Park, New OrleansCafé du Monde, New OrleansJoan of Arc Statue, New OrleansSunrise Over New OrleansPadre Pio, St. Louis Cemetery No.3, New OrleansA Street Car on Canal Street, New Orleans, LABuddy Ruff Plays Trumpet, New OrleansJazz Music at Palm Court, New OrleansSculpture in New Orleans City ParkJackson Square, New OrleansMississippi River, New OrleansJean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, founder of New OrleansCrescent City Connection, New OrleansSt. Theresa, St. Louis Cemetery No, 3, New OrleansJazz Music, Spotted Cat Night Club, New OrleansSt. Louis Cathedral, New OrleansLocal Band, House of Blues, New Orleans