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These are photos from my personal collection taken at the Saratoga National Historical Park, which is comprised of the Saratoga Battlefield, the Saratoga Monument and Victory Woods, and the General Philip Schuyler House in the towns of Schuylerville and Stillwater.
Neilson House, Saratoga BattlefieldPortrait of a Reenactor, Frost Faire, Saratoga BattlefieldNeilson House, Saratoga BattlefieldSaratoga BattlefieldRanger Bill the Tinsmith, Saratoga BattlefieldSaratoga Monument, Victory Mills, NYCitizenship Ceremony, Saratoga BattlefieldFife and Drum Band on Fourth of July at Saratoga BattlefieldThe Lonely Neilson House in Winter, Saratoga BattlefieldTree, Saratoga BattlefieldGeneral Philip Schuyler House, Saratoga National Historical ParkSaratoga BattlefieldArmy Shoemaker, Saratoga BattlefieldVictory Woods, Victory Mills,  NYSaratoga BattlefieldRanger Joe Craig Addresses the Crowd at Saratoga BattlefieldNeilson Home, Saratoga BattlefieldSaratoga MonumentNeilson Home, Saratoga BattlefieldCitizenship Ceremony, Saratoga Battlefield